4011 Superdeck Rigid


The rigid Superdeck is the lower-priced version and is ideal for saving
time and boosting construction effciency within a restricted equipment

The fixed projection outside the building is up to 400 cm. Big enough for material delivered on pallets or in containers. Long pipes and similar loads are no problem.


1700_2_schraube.jpg 1700_de_6.jpg

The props must be placed at least 1.5 m apart. On request, we can change the position of the front prop. Please give us the precise location for pre-drilling. The rear props cannot be moved.

Eichinger Equipment is in no way responsible for the consequences of incorrect use.

length x width total 8000 x 2400 mm
usable width 2000 mm
height, folded 400 mm
length within building 4000 mm
transport dimensions 8000 x 2400 x 400 mm
total width* 2400 mm
usable width* 2000 mm
min. prop height including platform 2000 mm
max. prop height including platform 3500 mm
width between props 3500 mm
foldable side walls yes
platform floor reinforced corrugated sheet
maximum loading capacity 5000 kg
net weight 2000 kg


* custom sizes available


loading capacity P1 (rear) P2 (front) P3
(front traverse)
1200 kg 2.5 kN -19.9 kN 37.6 kN
2000 kg 3.2 kN -25.8 kN 46.7 kN
2200 kg 3.4 kN -27.2 kN 49.0 kN
2500 kg 3.6 kN -29.4 kN 52.4 kN
3000 kg 4.1 kN -33.0 kN 58.1 kN

Important note:

When using forklifts, always consider the weight of the forklift itself and do not exceed the loading capacity of 5 tonnes (including material and forklift).

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