1101 Hand Cart


Tubular construction, rugged design, body can be tipped forward over the axle up to 90°…

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1102 Hand Cart

Tubular construction with roll-off skids, rugged design.


  • with pneumatic tyres 400/100 roller bearings
  • with pneumatic tyres 400/100 ball bearings
  • with reinforced pneumatic tyres 400/100 roller bearings
  • with solid disc wheels 3.00/19 ball bearings

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High working safety and ease of use.

1103 Front Tipper

Rugged tubular construction, body can be tipped forward over the axle up to 120°. Body made of 2 mm thick sheet steel, front wall with patented discharge gate for opening by hand or foot from underneath. Four crane lugs. Replacement…

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shown with stabiliser wheel

1104 Brick Barrow

paver transport cart

For the transportation of all types of blocks at the building site.

Wholly mechanical operation by movement of a hand lever, with overload safeguard, to achieve the clamping force. Clamping width infinitely adjustable without tools between 480 mm to 1050…

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high degree of safety and ease of use

1108 Sack Truck

Rugged tubular steel construction for approx. 300 kg load capacity.


  • Inflatable tyred wheel Ø260mm with roller bearings
  • Solid rubber wheel Ø180 mm with ball bearings

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